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We provide patient centered health services to meet the needs of the diverse, underserved population of Aurora.

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We moved!!

We are excited to let you know that the DAWN Clinic moved to a new location at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center!
As you may know, DAWN has been growing and needing more space for a long time. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to provide medical services for our patients in a dedicated clinical space, ensuring our ability to grow and continue partnering with uninsured community members in their journey toward health and wellness.

Effective March 1, 2023, the clinic will begin providing care at the following location:

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
12348 E Montview Blvd
Aurora, CO 80045

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  • DAWN Patient
    It is unbelievable that [DAWN Clinic provides] free medical service to less privileged persons like myself. I thank DAWN Clinic doctors for alleviating my fears by stating the actual position of my blood sugar and prostate [specific antigen] level.
    DAWN Patient
  • Nursing Student Volunteer

    I had first met “Jim”, a struggling patient with chronic hypertension and heart failure, for a blood draw during one of my very first shifts at the DAWN clinic. After getting a baseline blood pressure, we talked about his progression and dedication towards maintaining an accurate journal while I set up my station. Seeing Jim take control of his health, and sharing in the joy of his successes, and struggles, was everything I had hoped for when first dedicating myself to the clinic.

    Nursing Student Volunteer
  • DAWN Patient
    Once I was seen at DAWN Clinic, I felt hopeful and motivated because after being evaluated by doctors there, I feel that they have an attentive interest in my case, and that they always have good intentions to help me – to solve my health problems.
    DAWN Patient
  • Care Coordination Volunteer

    My roles as a care coordinator were crucial for vulnerable persons needing resources. A recent encounter with a patient has shown me the long-lasting impacts of having a support system. The interaction with this patient continues to motivate and inspire me to keep working hard to become a physician one day and make the same connections with future patients so that they can also feel supported.

    Care Coordination Volunteer
  • DAWN Patient
    In April 2018, I woke up and noticed that I had blood in my vision. A week later, I came back to the hospital because I started feeling pain in my left eye. I was referred to DAWN where I met their care coordinators who took charge of handling my case from then on. After many months of hard work and reaching out to community health partners, the DAWN Clinic finally received the tools necessary to do my surgery. I am so thankful for everyone at the DAWN Clinic, for taking care of me.
    DAWN Patient